What can you expect if you are visiting First Pentecostal Church in Corner Brook?  You will find a smile welcoming you. You will experience uplifting worship in music, song and the preaching of God’s Word. We encourage participation as we embrace what God is doing in our community of faith.

You will discover a core group of leadership and volunteers who are engaged
in making your worship experience one to remember.

Child Care
A nursery is provided for infants and toddlers. Our workers provide a loving and safe atmosphere where children at the earliest ages learn that church is a good place to be.

Children’s Worship
Bible-oriented activities are provided for children ages 3 to 11 during the preaching (explained below). Children have a fun-filled time as they sing, pray, memorize Scripture and learn important Bible truths.

Worship Experience
The service will include inspirational music as well as quiet times of waiting in God’s presence. Other times may be vocal as worshipers spontaneously express love to God. Music and worship styles are contemporary in nature with reflection upon doctrinal hymns of old.

A special time in the service is devoted to prayer. Various needs from inside and outside the church family are made known and vocal believing prayer is offered to God on behalf of the needy.

During the service, tithes and offerings are received. This act is worship too according to the Bible. Members feel giving the tithe (the first tenth of income) and offerings declares that God comes first. It recognizes His blessing, expresses faith and seeks His guidance in every matter in life. However, visitors need not feel obligated to give.

Spiritual Gifts
An interesting aspect of an FPC worship time is the possible operation of spiritual gifts. The order of service may be suspended as individuals speak or share as prompted by the Holy Spirit, under the supervision of the pastor (1 Corinthians 12-14). One may speak out in a Spirit-guided language other than that of the congregation. Another individual, or perhaps the same one, will then give the interpretation. The Spirit may prompt someone to speak out, to prophesy, in the language of the congregation. These gifts are to encourage or challenge the congregation and confirm Bible truths.

The climax of the service comes with the preaching of God’s Word, the Bible, and an invitation for hearers to respond. The messages are relevant, fervent, inspiring and practical. An opportunity is given as an invitation for seekers to accept Christ as Savior. Believers are urged to ask God for the baptism in the Holy Spirit to further empower them for Christian service. Often everyone is invited to come pray and meet with God during the altar service.

If you’ve wondered what a service is like at FPC, we invite you to observe and experience God’s joy and peace that defy description. Come expecting and leave receiving a move of God in your life.