“When we recognize the elements of a great story, we begin to see our lives as a part of Godʼs story. Then, weʼll better understand what He has for us, what we should believe about this story, and what we should then do.”  Scott McClellan

Our Early Beginnings

The first Pentecostal Church had its beginning in the upper auditorium of a large frame building on Humber Road in Humbermouth (Corner Brook East). The first meeting in this building was held on September 6, 1925. This building known as the “ARK,” marked the founding of the first Pentecostal Church, Corner Brook.

Construction of a New Church

In 1934, construction of a church building was started on Humber Road not far from the Ark. The first meeting was conducted in the new church on Christmas Day, 1937 when the church was officially opened and dedicated. The sign erected across the front of the building read: “Full Gospel Assembly.”

Our Current Home

In 1959 the congregation decided it was time to sell this building and purchase land on Premier Drive, Corner Brook, on which to erect a new and larger facility. On November 19, 1961 the congregation met for worship in a new building on that location. In 1975, the Assembly’s year of jubilee, an extensive expansion program was launched to provide a larger worship auditorium, additional Sunday School rooms and youth facilities. This building serves the congregation today. First Pentecostal Church is the mother Pentecostal assembly of the West Coast of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland and Labrador.