Momentum is our weekly youth ministry at FPC, for those aged 12+ (Grade 6s are encouraged to attend as well).  It is so much more than just “youth church.”  Our aim is to create and equip a community of young disciples who will love God, each other, and their unbelieving friends, and learn to use their gifts to serve the local church and the world.


We Offer

Live Worship, Bible Studies, Food, Games, Outreach Opportunities, Rallies, Movie Nights, Gym Nights, Weekend Trips and Conventions (YC, Youth Breakaways, Retreats), Travelling Suppers and MUCH, MUCH MORE. *Our Logo and slogan are derived from Playstation, so we try to maintain at least that level of energy and creativity*

We Disciple

We have a 7 person adult executive who are personally accountable for 6-10 young people each. That means they stay connected, send invitations to youth events, and where possible, make themselves available to chat and pray (in a group setting). As well, we encourage youth to all have an “accountability partner” to challenge them in their spiritual growth.

We Protect

Momentum is a place where we have 2 simple rules – Nobody sits alone and everybody is priceless. All of our workers are Plan to Protect© approved and we take abuse prevention policy (including anti-bullying) very seriously.

We Expect

Although we play hard, we take our God very seriously. Every time we meet, we expect the young people to have a real encounter with a God who loves them. We encourage them to learn to worship, pray, and live out their faith in practical ways…and that all starts with them hearing the Gospel of Jesus and being given an opportunity to respond to it.