First Pentecostal Church offers a variety of kids oriented programs aimed at providing a safe & spiritual environment for our children to interact.  Krash Kids is one of these programs.

Krash (Kids Really Are Special Here) runs weekly during the school year on Tuesday nights from 6:30-7:30pm at FPC.

Live Worship

We spend about the first 15 minutes of every KRASH session leading the kids in worship. We use a LIVE band (composed of some of our mature teens), a blend of action choruses and simple worship songs, and encourage kids to learn to worship in a way that makes them comfortable.

Safe Environment

All of our workers/leaders are Plan to Protect© certified, and we take abuse prevention policy (including anti-bullying) very seriously. KRASH is a SAFE environment for children. We require all children (including visitors) to register, and sign in and out with parent/guardian signature.

All children who participate in Krash Kids must have a registration form & permission slip completed by a parent of legal guardian.  You can download and print the registration form & permission slip here.  We take every precaution to ensure your privacy when the registration forms and permissions slips are in our possession.