Core Values

  • We value God: His Word, His Creation, His redemptive purposes in His son, his presence through the Holy Spirit and the imminent return of Christ.
  • We value “the lost” to whom we owe the compassion of Christ, an opportunity to receive the gospel, and entrance into Christian fellowship.
  • We value believers, their commitment to personal discipleship, their baptism in the Holy Spirit, their Christian family life, and their Christ-like example and witness.
  • We value the local assembly marked by sound doctrine, anointed proclamation, fervent prayer, divine healing, Spirit-led worship, authentic relationships, every-member ministry, Holy Spirit-empowered evangelism and practical expression of Christian faith in the world.
  • We value a cooperative fellowship that enhances the church’s ability to fulfill its missional mandate, through servant leadership, a shared vision, positive communication, relevant ministry and strategic mobilization of its resources.